3 Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals

Timing can be everything when looking for an Airport Car Service you might find a low rate, but if you sit and wait for a lower price, you may miss out on a deal. There are, however, other hidden ways to get the best deal. Use these 3 confidential tips to improve your chances of getting a promotion.


Consider Visiting Sites That Aren’t as Well-Known

Your Airport Car Service company’s website may have the least competitive deal. An aggregator is a better option. Costco Travel ( consistently has better rates than large internet agencies, plus AAA has Hertz rental specials. (To gain access to these discounts, you must be a member.)


If you don’t care who you rent from, use “opaque” sites like Priceline and Hotwire, which both offer substantial savings but don’t reveal the Airport Car Service agency’s name unless you make a refundable purchase. Check out, which searches through a variety of deals to locate the greatest value.


Insurance Pitfalls to Avoid

Your vehicle may be covered during your rental depending on your credit card, personal auto insurance, or travel insurance. Do some research and read the fine print before renting.


Remember to bring evidence of insurance; automobile rental companies are requiring it more and more before giving over the keys. A website like can sell you stand-alone insurance coverage for a fraction of the price charged by the rental companies.


Outmaneuvering Fees and Industry Distinctions

If you want to collect frequent-flier miles while renting a car from a Taxi Service near me, be aware that you could be taxed up to. Other unneeded charges include the rental of a toll transponder, a GPS navigation system, and satellite radio. In addition, rental car companies frequently price their vehicles in odd ways. Due to additional taxes and fees, renting an Airport Car Service, for example, is almost always more expensive. If you rent near the airport, you could save up to 20% or more.