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Panaji- Panaji is a Portuguese infused city on the seaside of Goa. It welcomes swarms of tourists every year, Panaji is a modern city of India with a strong relation to its colonial heritage. This relaxed Indian city is the perfect introduction – or antidote – to the immense, restless energy of India.

Places to Visit:

1) Dona Paula Beach- This is also known as lovers paradise, this destination was given this name after a tragic love story which makes this place much more interesting to visit. There is a variety of water sports available here making this a prime location for tourists.

2) Basilica of Bom Jesus- is the longest standing church in Goa which was beautifully built and influenced by Portuguese architecture. This graceful Church has been standing since the 16th century and the locals believe that the remains of this Church are eternal.

3) Casino Royale Goa- This casino is particularly famous as it floats on water, it is a frequently visited destination by tourists. There are multiple floors and the casino covers an area of 40,000 square feet.

4) Fort Aguada-this fort showcases the glory of the Portuguese empire and is rich with its history. The Fort was built in the early 16th century and also contains lighthouses which look over the Arabian Sea.

5) Goa Archaeological Museum- showcases artefacts which display the history of the Portuguese Empire in India. The most precious artefacts are said to be paintings of the Administrators and Governors of Goa.

6) Se Cathedral- is one of the most impressive churches in India, this majestic church showcases amazing artistry of the Portuguese-Manueline style and is known to be the only building with this architectural style.

7) St. Augustin Towers- is a highly visible belfry from many sites. The majestic tower was built in the preceding 16th century. Previously, four towers were located in Goa but over time they wore away and broke down, as a result, only one remains.

8) St. Cajetan Chruch- The Church displays the Corinthian style of architecture which was taken up by the Italian friars, though they were not allowed to work here somehow, they managed in Old Goa.

9) Coco Beach is located 2km away from Panaji and is home to multiple adventure activities. This is one of the most visited places in Panjim and has picture-perfect scenes to offer.

10) Vainguinim Beach- is known for its sand and seashore, and is one of the most frequently visited destinations in Panjim.

11) Reis Magos Fort- is located on the banks of Mandovi and this fort serves as a turret, the fort also offers a mind-blowing view of the sea and is known to be a picture-perfect spot.

12) Mahalaxmi Temple- was the first Hindu temple built by the Portuguese in 1818, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi.


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