Specify the place of departure in the "From" field, and your destination - in the "To" field. You can choose the desired drop location from the drop-down menu or enter the exact address of the place. Select Time of travel and date of travel. Confirm your email address and phone number and click on proceed button.



Yes, we provide the best price in the industry, for that purpose. We ensure that customers are providing their email address and contact number to get the price estimation.

If you decided to proceed with your booking, your details are stored for future booking purpose.

We do not use your mobile number for marketing purpose, and or any cold callings. This information is only used for identifying your details during the login process. 

Email address is specific to individual user login, hence this is only used to contact you if you make the booking or to provide you with any discounted offers for any future bookings.

You will be charged in your local currency rate but converted into GBP. 

You can make your modification by logging in with your user id and password, click on Profile. Select My Profile, Active Booking.

Click on View Booking Action

Click on Modify Booking.

Click on Cancel Booking.

It is extremely rare to have a situation where the vehicle does not show up at the scheduled time. Such an event is generally the result of unavoidable circumstances like an inordinate amount of traffic, heavy rains, traffic blockades or vehicular breakdowns to name a few.

In such situations, we usually are notified by the driver and taxi operator at their first opportunity. We in turn do our part in keeping the customer aware of the situation as soon as we find out.

If you choose to cancel the trip - due to a delay on our part, we will waive off last-minute cancellation fees. We earnestly work to avoid any such delays and work to ensure a 100% on-time performance. If you do have such an experience, we will work to make it up to you and earn your business for the future.


As always, your feedback is welcome. Write to our customer complaints, the team at complaints [AT] alltaxitravel {DOT} com and we will act on your feedback so we continue to get better every time.

we will send the driver details via email 2 hours prior to your journey time.




Any payments can be made on the final booking page by providing the card details. We only accept valid card payments.

We do not store the payment details on our website due to customer data security. We accept the following card types:

Card Types

We provide the card payment option via strip secure payment, it will take standard 5-10 working days to get your refund.

Your refund will be processed as per cancellation rule given on the T&C's.


Yes, we process your payment via Strip online payment method. This is the safest way to process any payments.

We do not store the payment details on our website due to customer data security.

Strip Security

If you are having issues while making payment please contact us using our Contact Us form, with Message starting with Payment Problem.

Contact Us Form

Driver Related

For arrival transfers, our drivers will wait for you upon arrival until a maximum of 90 minutes after your landing time. Upon departure, our drivers will wait by the pick-up point a maximum of 20 minutes after the published pick-up time.

If you request the driver to wait beyond those 20 minutes, please note that a waiting fee might be charged directly by the Taxi Driver.


We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if the Taxi Driver needs to make a significant change to your booking or to cancel them. We will also use all reasonable efforts to find an alternative suitable Taxi Driver for you at no extra cost, but we will have no further liability to you.

We are happy to support your requests for adding additional pickups, waypoints, stopovers or drop addresses.

However, these changes mean that your itinerary needs to be updated and such changes may translate into a change in your quoted prices.

Every additional pickup, drop, waypoint or stopover is typically charged at the given rate on your booking confirmation email.


All your trip updates will need to be communicated to our service centre or you can drop us an email in advance for confirmation. The driver must receive an official trip update message from Alltaxitravel.com. The driver will take a detour only after an official update to the trip/itinerary has been made.

We do try our best to provide an English speaking driver if the request is received on your booking under the additional requests section ahead of time. This is generally subject to availability of an English-speaking driver.

If you are not a resident of the region, we suggest that you install Google Translate on your phone.

Using the app's voice transcription features, you can speak in your native language and the app would translate it into spoken words of the language of your choice.